The System

Here is the equation that we work with:

(2 men loading within 50 ft. of back door, no stairs - please note that we have a 2 hour minimum load or unload and a 3 hour minimum on load and unload jobs.)

Move Size / Time (LoadING):

Just A Few Things = 0.4 hrs

Studio = 1.2 hrs

1 Bedroom = 1.6 hrs

1 Bedroom + Den/Office = 2 hrs

2 Bedroom = 2.4 hrs

2 Bedroom + Den/Office = 2.8 hrs

3 Bedroom = 3.4 hrs

  • Add 20% of time for each floor above the first.

  • Add 20% of time for each 50 ft. of distance from door to ramp.

  • Add 25% of time for an elevator; do not add time per floor.

  • Add 15 minutes per piece for assembly/disassembly.

  • Add 5 minutes per piece for stretch wrap.

  • Add 30 seconds per non-boxed item, open box, or poorly packaged item.

  • Subtract 30% of the total per extra man.

  • Add drive time between load and unload locations based on 35mph average speed.

This math is 90% effective. The largest factor which affects time in an unpredictable way is the quality of the boxes. Moving boxes are different than other boxes. It's just plain quicker to handle good boxes vs. not-so-good boxes.