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We've all been there. You've found your perfect next home and you can't wait to start your next journey. Standing in your way, however, is the task of picking up everything you own, putting it into a moving truck, and then doing it all in reverse at your new home. Moving is hard work. Our mission at Payne Free Moving is to take what can easily be the longest, hardest day of your year, and turning it into a "Payne Free" experience.


Payne Free Moving provides multiple levels of service to meet all of our customers' needs. Looking to save some money by driving your own truck? We will send just our movers out to help load and unload your vehicle. Looking for a turnkey solution? We can save you the time of having to stop by a local rental place by providing our own truck and driver to transport your household items to their new destination. Need a custom solution? Let us know and we'll work with you to get the job done.

At Payne Free Moving, we care about your belongings just as much as you do. This is why along with our moving service, we also provide furniture protection with stretch wrap and moving blankets as well as furniture assembly & disassembly complimentary for any move involving a truck.

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Load / Unload

Our 2-person crews come ready and equipped with the proper tools to move your belongings safely to and from a truck packed to maximize space and the safety of your items.


Furniture Wrapping

To ensure your belongings stay safe during loading, unloading, and transport, we offer a furniture wrapping service that includes stretch wrap, moving blankets, and tape to ensure your belongings are in the same condition after the move as they were in before it.


Furniture Assembly / Disassembly

Have a bed, desk, or other piece of furniture that was assembled in a room and won't come out without disassembly? We are here to help. Payne Free Moving provides the tools and labor needed to properly disassemble your furniture for transport and we will reassemble them for you at your destination.

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